DD 214

How To Get A DD 214 Form For Military VA Loans

The DD 214 form is a document established by the United States Department of Defense. This document is issued when a military service member retires, separates or is discharged from active-duty in the military.

DD 214 Requirements

In order to complete the process to receive a VA Loan, streamline, or cash out benefits, you must send in a DD 214 copy. This document will ensure the lender of the Veteran’s status when retired, separated, or discharged from the military. It will give a detailed occurrence, and will tell the lender if the applicant was discharged honorably, or by other means such as dishonorable and misconduct. A VA Loan can not be processed if these eligibility requirements are not met. Applicants have to be discharged honorably or by retirement to qualify.

DD 214 Copy

A military veteran does not have to apply for a DD 214. If you are any of the following: spouse that has not remarried, mother, father, son, daughter, or sibling, you can ask for military records from the United States Department of Defense. Instructions of how to get a DD 214 can be found at: Goverment Archives and are available for download.

DD 214 And SF 180

If you are unable to receive a DD 214 as a military veteran for VA Streamline Loan benefits, then you must fill out a SF 180. An SF 180 is a Standard Form 180 and can be downloaded and faxed from Fax-on-Demand, and can be mailed or faxed to the address on the form.

Getting a DD 214

In order to apply and obtain your copy of a DD 214, you may need to submit an SF 180 request that pertains to military records. Downloading and completing all sides of the SF 180 is your first step to obtaining a DD 214. Fortunately there is usually no charge for military personnel trying to obtain these records from the United States Department of Defense.

Click here to download the SF 180 in PDF format.

This waiver of fees also applies to their next-of-kin, and or authorized representatives. However, some documentation may require a fee, in which case you will be notified. Also, be patient when requesting these docs due to the fact that time of retrieval may vary based on VA workload.
Make sure to download and complete both front and back sides of the SF-180. The back of the form contains important mailing addresses and more instructions.


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